About Plum Fabulous! Foods

I’m Brianne Bernsen and this is my husband William. We operate Plum Fabulous Foods, a homestead in Plum, Texas.

Back in 2008 we were both working as licensed land surveyors and had four children under the age of five. We decided it would be best for me to put my career as a surveyor on hold to stay home and raise our children. We also decided I would begin a garden to reduce our food costs as a growing family.

At that time I didn’t know much about gardening. So, I went to our library and began studying. Most of what I know I’ve learned from reading books, researching online, experimenting, and fine-tuning through my own experience.

Today, we raise over 3,000 pounds of food a year on less than 1/10 of an acre while I home school our six children. We feed our family of eight from what we raise on our home farm, including trading and selling our surplus.