Soil Course Education

Soil Building Course

Brianne Bernsen shares her fifteen years of trial and error, learning how to provide healthy, wonderful food for her family of eight from less than 1/10 of an acre. Creating excellent soil is the key, and Brianne tells you why and how!

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Plum Fabulous! Garden Guide

Want to know how to build a PFF Garden from start to finish? Want to know what our top 4 most important items are in a garden design? Do you need a complete supply list for building a fence, drip irrigation system or walkways? Then this guide is for you! We’ve taken 15 years of mistakes, successes, lessons learned and money wasted to help you get off on the right foot in your gardening journey.

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Chicken Turkey and Coop Pictures

Chicken & Turkey Pictures

Chickens and turkeys are a great addition to any homestead. Besides gifting us with ample eggs and meat, they provide endless entertainment for our family. Enjoy these pictures of our own small flock.

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Plum Fabulous! Foods @ Present Day

Over-all Views of the Garden

Over the years, we have taken over-all pictures of the garden from our second story balcony. It’s amazing to see how the garden has grown and changed over the years. You can really see the evolution!

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plant and produce pictures

Plants & Produce Pictures

Check out some of our favorite plant and produce pictures over the years. In the end, it’s all about growing as much, healthy nutritious food as possible with the easiest methods we can create. And above all…this is a family affair!

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Cedar Compost Bins Pictures

Cedar Compost Bins

When our pallet compost bins broke down and needed to be replaced, we decided in invest in wood that would hopefully last longer. We used cedar fence slats to do the job. We followed the same basic design as our pallet bins, with the sliding, removable slats at the front. So far, we have been very pleased with them.

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