Cedar Compost Bins Pictures

Cedar Compost Bins

When our pallet compost bins broke down and needed to be replaced, we decided in invest in wood that would hopefully last longer. We used cedar fence slats to do the job. We followed the same basic design as our pallet bins, with the sliding, removable slats at the front. So far, we have been very pleased with them.

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Manual Compost Sifter Picture

Maual Compost Sifter

This simple sifter is made with 1/4 inch hardware cloth stapled to a wooden frame. It fits perfectly over our wheelbarrow. Simply dump the compost on top and shake. This served our needs well for years until we built our motorized sifter.

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Hardware Cloth Compost Bins Pictures

Hardware Cloth Compost Bins

Our original compost bins were made out of hardware cloth. They were economical and served our small compost needs well. But they do break down over time. When they needed to be replaced, we upgraded to bins made out of pallets.

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