Plum Fabulous! Garden Guide

Garden Guide Eduction

We love sharing our mulch based, bio-intensive gardening methods with others. But we have two problems.

First, when people come here for a tour or a class, we give them way too much information to remember.

Second, not everyone can come here for a tour or a class.

So, we decided to start documenting our methods as best as possible. We’ve taken 15 years of mistakes, successes, wasted money, time, sweat and tears, and started compiling them together into the Plum Fabulous Gardening Guide. It’s not the final product book that we are continuing to work towards, but it will definitely get you started on your gardening journey.

In it, you will find the step-by-step process (with pictures) of how to set a garden up our way.  You will also find expanded sections on the the four things we think are the most important things to set up in your garden. We have supply lists for Fencing, Drip Irrigation and Walkway materials, as well as our favorite heirloom species, plants spacing guide and master calendar.

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