Soil Building Course

Brianne Bernsen shares her fifteen years of trial and error, learning how to provide healthy, wonderful food for her family of eight from less than 1/10 of an acre. Creating excellent soil is the key, and Brianne tells you why and how!

The Easy Way to Garden

Why waste time and money with excess gardening supplies, watering, weeding, and doctoring sick plants? Instead, you can set up your garden from the very beginning to be affordable, efficient, and successful! We want to help you love gardening.

What This Course Includes

Everything you need to succeed with your soil!

Brianne Bernsen has helped many people who previously struggled succeed with their gardens.
This course includes the following lessons:
  1. Introduction to why good soil is so important
  2. Components in great soil
  3. Building garden beds with excellent soil
  4. Maintaining your soil
  5. Addressing common soil challenges
  6. Review and planning your garden using your downloadable GARDEN PLANNING JOURNAL.

Only 1 hour – Fits your busy lifestyle!

Benefits of this course:

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Revisit the content as you need to
  • Study from anywhere
  • Gain easy, practical skills
  • Start planning your garden right away
  • Save money and stress

See a Sample of this Course

Click on the screen to watch an overview of what this course includes.

What 3 learners said about our soil-building course

Robyn H.

What you did with your yard is nothing short of amazing and something every urban homesteader wants to do in their tiny backyard. I found it very inspiring.
Your course was really great and I learned a lot from it. I really appreciate you sharing so many little tips that are critical to garden soil health – stuff I was definitely not aware of but could easily implement (or stop doing). The downloadable Garden Planning Worksheets in the course are super cool (and makes it easy for me to plan my own garden beds for this year. Thank you!

Mary Kay L.

Brianne’s no-till gardening method is straightforward and super effective. We benefitted greatly from her years of experience perfecting the approach.

If you follow her process step-by-step, you’ll be rewarded with a great organic garden.

Texas Homesteader

Bravo!! I really enjoyed this course and I give it 5-stars. I appreciate the detailed information Brianne presented in a very practical way. 

If you are looking for a sustainable and practical approach to building great soil for your vegetable garden, this course provides a recipe for success.