Section 2 Garden Construction

This is the second section of our garden. We expanded the garden from 32′ x 32′ (Section 1) to 32′ x 64′, by adding a 32′ x 32′ section.  Here is a brief summary of its composition and pictures from each stage of construction.


We used about 10 yards each (3″ each) of top soil, mushroom compost and wood chips.  We layered all of this on top of cardboard and newspaper.


We cut the grass and put down a layer of newspaper and cardboard to block the coastal bermuda (which is nearly impossible to kill).  We started with about 3 inches of topsoil (which was not a very good top soil) to build the bed up (since our land is so flat). Then, we added 3 inches of mushroom compost.  Next, we sprinkled a thin layer of Azomite on top of the compost layer and watered it down with agricultural molasses and water (a few ounces of molasses diluted with a couple gallons of water).  Then we covered it all with wood chips. 

The old section is raised beds inside boards, with wood chips in the walkways (the wood chips in the walkways produced a beautiful soil).  The new section is one large raised bed.  The wood chips cover and protect the underlying soil, and over time decomposes into a beautiful, mineral rich and loose soil.

We also added more wood chips to the walkways in Section 1, and over time, as they decompose, we will eventually remove the boards in that section and have one large raised bed there as well.