Section 2 Garden Pictures

When we were ready to double the size of the garden from 32′ x 32′ to 32′ x  64′, we stumbled upon the Back to Eden philosophy. This method was much more cost effective than the Square Foot Gardening method we used in Section 1 of our garden. See our post on how we constructed this section (Section 2) of our garden. 

One of the biggest improvements we made in this section of the garden was our walkways. We were still using mulch in the walkways when we built this garden, but over time, we discovered we were spending more time picking weeds in our walkways than anywhere else. We tried covering the walkways with cardboard, but that was unsightly. Then we discovered commercial grade weedblock. Using this for walkways really helped us to define our beds and give our garden a cleaner look – and the best part was not having to weed the walkways any more.