Garden Pictures from Owl Creek Project

Owl Creek Project

This owner had an existing garden that needed to be cleaned up. There’s nothing like a little newspaper and mulch to give a garden a real make over that won’t just look nice, but will keep the weeds down as well.

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Chicken/Turkey Coop 3 Construction

This was the third chicken/turkey coop we built. We now raise 150 meat birds a year and this coop is used for the chickens when they are younger.  It is climate controlled and also used throughout the year for raising layer hatchlings in until they are big enough to incorporate with our layer flock.This was another fun family project!

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Section 2 Garden Construction Pictures

Section 2 Garden Construction

This is the second section of our garden. We expanded the garden from 32′ x 32′ (Section 1) to 32′ x 64′, by adding a 32′ x 32′ section.  Here is a brief summary of its composition and pictures from each stage of construction.

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